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Hobby Gadgets
Please Mail us for all your inquries on these fine gadgets.

Item # FL-328
LED Flashlight Avaiable:
28LED Flashlight.
Item # SR-336
9" Flexible neck  White "LED" light. Uses 1 "AAA" battries.
          Item # SR-Rubber Block         
Solid Rubber Block size 1" x 4" x 4".              


Item # SR-780DC
Dail Caliper 6" SAE
Increments of 0.01".
Item #  SR-205
4" Diamond Guage
Item # SR-206
Size: 2", 3" & 4" Brass Calipers
Item # SR-209
8" Degree Protractor
Item # SR-209
8" Degree Protractor
Item # SR-208
 8" Degree Protractor

Item # SR-203
6" Depth Gauge
Item #  SR-205
4" Diamond Guage
Rock Holder with 4 Prongs

Item # SR-231
4 Way Pin Vise. Swiss Type.
Item # SR-8014TM
27" Telescopic 3" Round Mirror.
Item # SR-WP
3" Wood Plainer.


Item # SR-95
Well Crafted, heat-treated Technology. 115mm Round Nose Pliers.  S.S. Finish  Box jointed.  
Item # SR
Temporary Out of Stock
Item # SR-86H
Well Crafted, heat-treated Technology. 135mm Round Nose Pliers.  S.S. Finish  Box jointed.                 
Check Out Our Whole Line Of Pliers Under Jewelery Tools Page.
Item # SR
65 HRC Hardness.  Quality Side Cutter.
Excellent for Mrmory Wire.
Item # SR
Flash Cuuter.  Made in U.S.A..
Professional cut everytime.
Item # SR-8866
Professional Quality Wire Strippers
Cussioned PVC Handle

Item # SR-Duch Nose Pliers
1"x1" SquareNose Pliers.
Item # R7-4
Press to Open pliers.
7" Overall, 3 notches for holding objects.
Item # SR-106
5 1/2" Brass Tip Pliers. 1 1/4" Brass tips inserts.

Item # SR 1941-S
Avaiable 3 1/2" to 24"
Item # SR-38
Fibre Tweezers Straight or Curved
Item # SR-5
13cm Anti-Magnetic S.S. Tweezer

Item # Paper Tweezers
6 1/2" Overall Soldering Tweezers
Item # SR-1116
6" Stamp Tweezers. Available in Straight & Curve.
Item # SR-TS7
7" Tweezers set.


Item # SR-254
Professional Quality
Avaiable in 32mm, 50mm & 75mm Jaws
Item # SR-255
Professional Quality
Avaiable in 32mm, 50mm & 75mm Jaws.

3097-Small, Medium, Large & X-Large.
Very Handy for all your Hobbies.
24" Available in Straight or Curve.
Very Handy for all your Hobbies.

 Item # SR-SR-244
Old is Gold. This hand drill will give your tool box an antique look.  10" overall length.
Item # SR-PP-6T
6" Parallel Jaw Pliers.

Item # SR-242H
Heated Treated Forged Steel 900gm.

Item # SR-731
10pcs Premium Quality Needle Files.

Item # SR-249
Hardened Steel. Letter Punch set
Avaiable in 2mm, 3mm,4mm,5mm,8mm,10mm & 12mm
Item # SR-250
Hardened Steel. Number Punch set
Avaiable in 2mm, 3mm,4mm,5mm,8mm,10mm & 12mm

Item # Hammer-Set
This Set Includes 2 Handy Hammer & Solid Rubber block 1"x 4" x 4"
Item # SR-8334CH
Chasing Hammer Half Dome 1" Dia, 2oz, 10 1/2" overall length.  
Item # SR-193
German Type Chasing Hammer 1" Dia head, 4.5oz, 10"overall.


Item # SR-Third Hand
Tweezer Holder Stand.
Very Handy for Soldering.
Item # SR-432
Combination Stone. Professional Quality.
6" overall.
Item # SR-165
S.S. 1" Dia Mirror. Not for medical use.


Item # MC-205
4 1/2" Glass Lens Table magnifier
13" Flexible Neck, 2X.  
Item # MZ-109
Soldering Station with helping hand 2 1/2" Dia Glass lens, 2x.
Item # MP244L
1 Slot 4 Replaceable Lences, Illuminated head magnifier. Magnifier lens 1.2x,1.8x,2.5x & 3.5x Uses 2AAA batteries. Made in Taiwan
More Magnifier Lenses Under Magnifiers & Loupe Page

Item # SR MC-354
Stock: Black or White
Professional 5x Glass Lens
Item # SR
18mm or 21mm 10x Jewelery Loupe
Item # BC-3308TT
Tripod Stand, 6ft High Ideal for Field Scope, Cameras, Video Cameras & Binoculars. Come with carrying case.

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